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Fred Krietemeyer, born in Collinsville in 1961, played basketball and was an outstanding footballer during his time in Collinsville. Fletcher was inducted into the Illinois High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame in 2007 and has also coached football, cross-country and athletics.

Fletcher was also named coach of the year for the Illinois High School Athletic Association for three consecutive years. He won four state championships as head coach, one state championship as assistant coach and two state championships, counting stops on the Pulaski and Pana. In total, he has led an astonishing 14 Collinsville teams to national championships in football, cross-country and athletics, as well as three state championships.

In 1961 and 1965, the Kahok teams won the national championship and came second in 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 and 1966 in the cross-country competition.

Fletcher won 20 games 27 times and had only two losses in his 32 years at Collinsville. During that time he compiled a number that resulted in more than 1,000 wins and a 3-1 record. He worked with Jones at countless baseball camps at SIU-Illinois and helped select players for the Pan Am Games.

Soehlke had tears in his eyes and his voice broke as he spoke about the game and noted that Collinsville had the lead in the fourth quarter. He then turned to Roger and said: 'Coach, I've heard from Roger that he has a girlfriend, Roger, but he's a star. When he returned to the Collins County gym, he managed to practice every day and taught them the basics to do it right so they knew what to do. And then it was a night where we were beaten up in the street and then he said, "Hey, you did it right.

Krietemeyer said Collinsville's basketball success has sometimes eclipsed Fletcher, who won more than 100 football games with the same hard-as-nails coaching philosophy. Cecil's older brother was Jack, a four-star basketball player at Marion High School in the 1930s. Jack began a highly successful baseball career at Marion High School and Cecil followed him to Illinois College in 1935, where he earned all of them - conference honors for the Blueboys. While Virgil made a name for himself in basketball, Cecil, who died in 2001, established himself as one of the most successful basketball coaches in Illinois history. He criss-crossed the country, coaching at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Illinois State University.

Soehlke, whose father was a good friend of Fletcher and who kept the scoreboard for more than 50 years at Collinsville games, said it rarely affected the two men's lives. Krietemeyer said he felt as comfortable playing football with Fletcher as he did playing basketball with the longtime coach. Redmon admitted Fletcher was tough and demanding with his players but said growing up in Collinsville still gave him warm memories. His desire to play for Fletcher has grown and he has reflected the feelings of those who have played basketball for his long-time coaches.

He won a state championship in 1961 and since then his name has been associated with that of former Collinsville basketball coach Bill Fletcher, a former Redmon teammate.

He still remembers the game against Thornton when he scored the equaliser at the end of the first quarter at 14-14. Thornton led 71-36 in the next three quarters but won the game 85-50.

Coach Fletcher goes one way or another, his words are a gospel and if you forget the gym, he's always there for you. It's like putting on a purple and white letter jacket and walking through the city, it's all about him.

While Virgil has built a reputation as a successful coach, Violet has established herself as one of the most respected and respected coaches in Illinois State basketball. Violet notes that while he is known as a tough disciplinarian, he also has a softer side that is rarely seen by the public. Although the story could not be confirmed, he is said to have once briefly banned Violet from attending a game to get him to lie down on the men in striped shirts.

Violet was asked to sum up her thoughts on Virginia's relationship with his wife and his role as coach at Illinois State in recent years.

It's a term used to describe the Collinsville community where Fletcher is revered as one of the greatest coaches in the history of high school basketball in Illinois. The most famous name associated with Collinsville basketball, Redmon, shrugged off the notion that his former coach's loyalty and dedication was something special. Basketball players from Collins County, and that became clear when he and Soehlke talked about their memories of their time together as a team. He spoke of the last second of a national championship, while Soebelke described the orphans "efforts to finish their season with a 60-60 victory over St. Joseph on the last day of school.

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